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ShopUp September 2016 Update: Traction, New Partnerships and More

ShopUp September 2016 Update: Traction, New Partnerships and More

ShopUp has been busy this spring-summer and we have managed to have both great vacations and a lot of work done. Below are the highlights.

Two global players joined teams with ShopUp

Shopup in action: installing sensorsGetting the wheel rolling is a big challenge for every startup. Thanks to the efforts and charms of the whole team, we’ve got our first 2 big paying customers from Bulgaria:

  • A French home improvement and do-it-yourself goods retailer where we help them to locate the customers
    inside the stores and establish the hotspots for better product placement, and
  • A British multinational retailer where we partner with one of the most innovative retail marketing agencies to offer near-by customer targeting.

Both projects helped us introduce new functionalities to the platform and expand our understanding of customer issues and where our solution would fit best.

We partner with great companies

Earning the trust of partner companies is both reassuring that our idea is worth it and supportive for the process of getting customers. Here are some of the companies who trusted ShopUp enough to promote it to their customers:

  • As part of the SAP software solutions program, we have been introduced to the their customer base. As a result we are invited to 5 SAP forums in Prague, Sofia, Budapest, Belgrade and Bucharest in September and October this year. Stay tuned for more information about them.
  • With one of the biggest software manufacturers of commercial and accounting solutions for warehouses, restaurants and shops (Microinvest) we’ve done an email campaign to their 40,000+ clients.
  • A marketing agency focusing on retail (Getti) has been cross-promoting our services and we have been introduced to great leads.
  • We are starting a partnership with a retail management system provider (Barsy).

Newest functionalities

The technical team has also been working hard and managed to introduce some new functionalities to the platform:

  • Cross-shop customer monitoring for clients with multiple venues.
    Now our users can know which are the favorite stores for their visitors are and the manage better the working staff among the venues.
  • New vs Returning customers comparison for clients who use the platform for over 2 months.
    According to Christine James, Loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase. Thus we let our clients know the rate of their loyal customers and help them measure the effectiveness of loyalty campaigns.

So, what are we planning next?

  • Heatmap: There’s been huge interest for this feature and nearly every retailer we speak with is willing to see a heatmap of their venue. That is why we have been working hard on this feature and have a first stable version. We are currently in the process for implementing heatmap functionalities in the ShopUp platform and plan to introduce a working version to our clients in the mid-September.
  • Become scalable: Both team and investors are thinking how to make the great ShopUp functionality scalable. As a next step in this direction we are planning to work on an app for mobile devices which will allow small business owners to monitor their visitors without ShopUp hardware sensors.

Feel free to contact us or schedule a demo to see the ShopUp in action.


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