We recommend what you can’t see

ShopUp is turning transaction and operational data into weekly promotional, pricing,
and forecasting recommendations. 
It will grow basket size, improve margins, better assortment and delight customers.
Actionable insights for Retailers to grow top line sales.
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We use our crystal balls to help you make better spells with all your amulets, ingredients and products.


Spell or curse it doesn’t matter, we help you know your customers better based on their behavior, pattern and habits in online and offline world.


It is important to use the right abracadabra or trick for having bigger impact, spreading your products.

Category Management optimization

A way for companies to buy more effectively and to save significant sums of money in procurement.

Assortment optimization

Managing different types of products that your customers need based on the real data. It consists of:

  • Breadth: The breadth of a company’s products relates to the number of products a retailer carries.
  • Length: This refers to the number of products in a particular product chain or line.
  • Depth: A product line’s depth relates to the different versions of the same product that may exist in each product line.
  • Consistency: The degree to which the product line relate to each other

Wizards we helped:

Customer Segmentation

The practice of dividing a customer base into groups of individuals that are similar in specific ways relevant to marketing, such as their interests, purchase behavior, frequency of visits, bought products or categories.

Churn and Retention

Predict the customers that are going to stop buying or are loyal and take respective actions to them.



Who we are

More than 10 years of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Business Intelligence and Predictive analytics experience with numerous projects and cases from Retail, IoT, Media, Robotics and Finance sector working on Recommenders Systems, Computer Vision, Chat-bots, Text mining, Graphs and Social Network Analysis.

Product Selection

We recommend the right product for next week promotion selecting the product with the highest connectivity, strong seasonality and higher rate of growth.

Pricing optimization

Optimize the price of some of the selected products in order to increase the number of attracted customers and higher revenue streams.

Merchandising recommendation

Monitoring and tracking customer behavior with various IoT sensors, can then suggest recommendation for more interactive  instore performance

Customer interests recommender

Our spell will recommend you which customers to be contacted with the right products or baskets via all your channels.

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