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We built AI platform for ecommerce and SaaS to
optimize your sales campaigns
by making sense of your big data

Apply machine
learning models

Big companies leverage big data using machine learning to make all of these tick: customer segmentation, retention models, product recommendation, churn models, prediction models and many more.
You can harness the same power to make it works for your marketing needs relying on your datasources (website, email campaignс, social channels, etc) to apply various machine learning modelswith Catwing.

Catwing – Ecommerce Predictive Analytics that boost customer retention, increase products sales and help you grow sustainably

Catwing AI models Customize your needs

Traffic Management

Understand where your traffic comes from, what are the triggers, can you predict it based on the money you spent, and also which are your high traffic products plus many more. 

Leads cultivation

Dive deeper into your funnel analysis, brand image, preferred cross-category product catalogs, know your audience, and split it into segments based on their product interests and site behavior. This and much more, relevant to your leads.

Nurture Customers

Get insights and the instrument to be relevant in engaging your customers during the process of onboarding, engagement, retention, churn, and win-back.

Increasing customer LTV by being personalized.

ShopUp company A few facts

At Shopup we have more than 8 years working in eCommerce, Retail, Media and SaaS Digital products domains with over 20 clients delivering various AI, Machine Learning and Data Science custom projects. We noticed that the most time consuming task was preparing and aligning our models to their data.

This is why we created a platform – Catwing.

Custom models

Our clients

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