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eCommerce and SaaS Products –

Apply AI models to your data,

every customer matters

ShopUp applies our expertise in data science to:

– optimize your sales campaigns

– optimize your marketing spending and efforts

– help you create effective product bundles

– segment your customers based on their behavior

by making sense of your big data.

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Custom projects

Our expertise helps us dive deeper into various complex retail cases.

Customers monitoring

Over 5 years of experience in integration of IoT and online data to provide a holistic view of customer behavior.

AI in Retail

We provide a complete range of AI products for retail: effective product recommenders, price optimization, promotion and product selection, category management, customer behaviour, LTV, churn and retention.

Engage (Chatbot)

We build customized chatbots that can help our clients improve the speed and scale of communication with end customers at lower cost. Also various customer segments for targeting over various channels.


Custom projects

If you are a Retailer or eCommerce site willing to innovate and experiment with Data Science and AI.

Our experience comes from more than 20 projects delivered for various companies and organizations in Retail, for which we applied our expertise in the area of NLP, IoT, Recommenders systems, Optimizations, Image Classifications and many others.


Customer monitoring

Customer presence and activities can be observed on various channels like physical stores, online and ecommerce sites, emails, social networks and messengers.

We can guide you through the whole process and recommend different good practices in the sector. We are working with data provider partners and use Sens.ai for monitoring shopping carts behavior in stores.

The ability to integrate such data sets into one data layer is the foundation of going to the next steps using AI to improve your performance and revenue.

AI in Retail

Our experience is focused on optimizing several main areas:

  • operations – in vendors interaction, store merchandising, staff optimization, etc
  • product – price optimization, products selection, category management, assortment optimization, promotion recommendation
  • customer experience – recommenders, chatbots, segmentations, personalized targeting, LTV, churn, and retention

The input data sets can be in the format of images, texts, and tabular, the more the merrier.



We believe that keeping customer happy, communicating right messages and staying relevant is the essence of achieving great results for each business.

We offer:

  • Smart recommender systems for personalize offering
  • Customizable chatbot for support or just to have fun and keep customer engaged
  • 10-15 Customers segments for personalized targeting which can be engaged via various channels depending on marketing purposes

Who we are

Within our team we have PhDs and graduates from top Research Universities, practitioners and consultants within the sector of Retail and deep knowledge into the latest technologies and innovations of AI.

Some of our members are mentors in several universities, prominent speakers of international conferences, a founder of Data Science Society also juries for Global AI Congresses and Conferences.

We know how to deliver cutting edge results and being able to provide competitive advantage for each customers we have. Our expertise is focused into different areas of Retail, IoT, Media, Robotics and Finance sector working on Recommenders Systems, Computer Vision, Chat-bots, Text mining, Graphs and Social Network Analysis.

Contact us whenever you want advice, feedback or just want to share something 🙂

Data driven Customers:

Mr. Bricolage Retail
Debenhams Bulgaria
Ometria labs
Cornell University
bTV media group
Zebra Digital - Digital Marketing Agency
Comsed Onlain Retail
Infinite Lambda
Contour second hand retailer
A1 Innovation Group

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