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AI platform for eCommerce and SaaS products 

That boosts customer retention, increase products sales, and help you grow sustainably by nurturing your customers to become loyal

Data Sources

Site scraping

Site scraping




How does Catwing help you grow?

We combine all of your data sources to give you insights so you can boost your business by:

  • selecting right products and bundles
  • connecting the products to the right audience

  • retain your existing customers

  • early warnings for possible  churn of your customers
  • enabling you to convert your new and existing customers into loyal and increase their LTV

  • combine audience with products for higher ROAS on campaigns creation

  • assessing your channels 

Normally integration takes a couple of days without developer support, and within 3 months you are able to see your first quality results.


Plug and play

Easy to integrate in any website, ads platform, email provider (no coding skills needed)

Structure data

We collect, clean, enrich and  standardize the data

Variety of models

You choose various AI models, which we care about

Instant results

Start seeing results, the more data the better results (after 3 months)


There are several steps that we normally follow. Identify top-performing products among tens of thousands of them then suggest the right bundles and the last creating relevant product catalogs which are customer-driven.

For identifying top-performing products we use ABC analysis it follows the Pareto Principle, where 20% of items bring 80% of the value to the business.

Something else we believe is crucial if we can classify products based on their variability of demand, so we introduce and XYZ analysis, they capture seasonalities and variations of demand for all products.

Market basket analysis (MBA) is widely used to analyze retail basket or transaction data and is intended to identify strong rules discovered in transaction data using measures of interestingness, based on the concept of strong rules.

Defining product catalogs based on customer patterns and interests outside of category restriction is a powerful model to rely on data and provide personalized customer experience over your channels – site, facebook, email and SMS campaigns, etc…


Customer persona and what is your audience is the main questions to which each marketer is willing to know the answer.

Here in Catwing we are able to identify your audience, split it into segments based on their product, item interests, patterns, sales funnel progress, site behavior and suggest relevant actions for each segment or customers. We rely on several models.

For identifying your key accounts we use ABC analysis it follows the Pareto Principle, where 20% of your customers brings 80% of the value to the business.

Introducing XYZ analysis on the customer level gives information about the variability of demand over a period for each customer. 

Customer behavior segmentation – RFM allows marketers to identify specific clusters of customers, up to 14, and redesign their marketing strategy toward loyalty, having the instrument to measure and convert their customers to become loyal, with the right communications that are relevant for their particular behavior. As a result, it generates much higher rates of response, plus increased loyalty and customer lifetime value

Building a predictive churn model helps you make proactive changes to your retention efforts and be in control to reduce leaving customers rate, by reacting on early warning with the right customer communication.

In contrast, Customer profitability analysis is a method of looking at the various activities and expenses incurred in servicing a particular customer. In other words, it focuses on analyzing profit per customer rather than profit per product.


The key is to position your high conversion products or bundles to the right audience and to focus on increasing your repeat purchase rate and incentivizing long-term customer loyalty. It is not going to happen overnight and need to include some of these tactics in your customer outreach.

We suggest to start with selecting the right products or bundels with the right audience at the right time in order to increase your ROAS and achieve higher profit.

Also there are several other campaigns that can incorporate everything that matters about CLTV into smart copy, design, messaging, and targeting.

Repeat purchase campaigns  – campaigns that aim to get customers to make a second purchase are perfect for increasing CLTV.

Replenishment or repurchase rate campaigns offering replaceable or consumable products over a period defined by a model.

Cross-selling campaigns – to offer related products that acknowledge their needs, the more likely they are to make additional purchases.

Loyalty campaigns – offering rewards in exchange for purchases is a powerful way to encourage higher-value customers to buy more.


Each marketing team is allocating resources on various channels and the constrain they have is where to focus on, how to measure their effectiveness in order to be more profitable in their efforts.

Introducing multichannel attribution models can help to measure channel effectiveness, as well as channel synergies, optimal budget allocation, and to assess which factors influence multichannel effectiveness.

Diving deeper into  Customer journey & conversion funnel based on various referral websites and platforms can reveal where to optimize their usage and identify causes for a higher return on ad spend. 


AI platform for ecommerce and saas products

How to launch

  • Stage 1

    Design stage

    Choose a plan, data sources and initial models for your site

  • Stage 2


    Data sources and API integration

  • Stage 3

    Ignition Stage

    Each models needs data, also known as data harvesting (min duration 2-3 months)

  • Stage 4

    Liftoff Stage

    Running the models and first results start to appear. You are live and ready to experiment

  • Stage 5

    Support Stage

    Our crew is always available in the mission control center to support you


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Great services. Applied models.

We need at least 3 months to gather data and fine-tune the models

If you have any questions related to the size of your store, pricing plans, models, data sources – please contact us directly. We are here to help and share our expertise in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, and guide you through the process 🙂 


month per model, billed annually

25,000 Monthly Tracked Users (MTU)
Monthly (re)trainings
6-month data history
Data Sources
Site click data
CRM data
Emails data
+$6/mo for extra 1,000 MTUs
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month per model, billed annually

100,000 Monthly Tracked Users (MTU)
Bi-weekly (re)trainings
12-month data history
Data Sources
Site click data
CRM data
Emails data
+$5/mo for extra 1,000 MTUs
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month per model, billed annually

250,000 Monthly Tracked Users (MTU)
Weekly (re)trainings
18-month data history
Data Sources
Site click data
CRM data
Emails data
+$4/mo for extra 1,000 MTUs
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