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ShopUp is Now Scalable

ShopUp is Now Scalable

In the last 2 months we (in ShopUp) have done a lot of progress with our product and business development. We’d like to share with you where this journey took us:

Product Updates

Firmware Upgrade

We improved the performance of the ShopUp sensors by upgrading the firmware. The amount of  data we’re now gathering have increased by more than 5 times. Also, we found a way to install the firmware directly on customers’ routers. We support more than 1,000 devices. That means we are now able to launch ShopUp remotely, without the need of physical installation on site within less than 24 hours. That is a huge advantage in terms of scalability.


We introduced a stable 2.0 version of the HeatMap where data visualization has been much improved compared to the previous version. The HeatMap is now based on an improved  mathematical model.

Prediction Models

Prediction models can now be generated based on ShopUp sensors and data integration with door counters, weather forecast and sales data in order to support retailers in better planning and staff optimization.

External Data Integration

From the beginning of November we started integrating our data with 3d door counters and visualizing all data at one platform. There are plans for starting integration with the SAP flagman product called Hybris and their mobile application.

Business Development

Access to SAP Client Base

In September and October we presented the ShopUp platform in front of SAP CEE customers on SAP forums in 5 countries (Czech republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia and Romania). We were featured on the main stage which provided us great exposure. As a result we are now having active discussions with 2 big retailer chains: Kaufland and Delhaize. SAP CEE support in marketing and sales has been initiated.


Our Partner family is growing. We are now partnering with the Canada-based A1 Counting solution who have 30+ years of experience in door counting systems, 150+ mall installations and now serve 35 malls in Canada and USA. Together with them we are starting our POC in the Vaughan mills mall monitoring cross-shopping experience and integrating their door counters data. In January, based on results, we’ll start introducing the platform to other customers.

With SAP we’re planning to start an integration project for SAP Hybris Mobile application. There we’ll be able to present information about the overall traffic of people in one place and integrate data from physical stores and mobile apps. It will provide information on how the two sources are linked to each other and what are the most common customers’ patterns such as how much time they spend browsing on their phones vs. physical walks around stores to see or buy the product.

Also we successfully finished the SAP MVP validation process and now, as a member of SAP Startup Focus, we’ve initiated talks with North American clients. Soon a SAP Certification process will be finalized.

What’s Next for ShopUp?

Based on the feedback and recent product development, we are positioning ShopUp as a software analytical service for offline and online visitors performance analysis combining different sources of data and visualizing meaningful results for particular markets — Retailers, Malls and Marketing agencies.

As part of the growth and all dynamics around us, we’re now heading to the European, US and Canadian markets. If you want to join us in this journey, feel free to contact us!


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