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Customer Data Platform that captures everything a business might need.

“Customer data platform built from data scientists to data scientists” 

The reasons behind CatWing


We believe that a Data Science approach is the best way to optimize the conversation

between a business and its customers.


#CatWing is created with the main focus on providing a detailed picture of every customer online.

Another important step is strengthening the bond between a website and its fans.

How can CatWing help your business?

CatWing helps small and medium digital businesses to get 360 degree unified customer view.
It is achieved by combining different channels information and measuring the behavior.

The result is to convert visitors into loyal customers and foster long-lasting relationships.

The method is combining advanced customer data analytics and personalized recommendations by multichannel targeting.

Our platform can be used by data scientists, marketing, sales and data teams.


Combine all data sources into one repository

Each digital business uses various channels like emails, CRMs, mobile apps, web sites, scraped data and it takes ages to consolidate them. We use smart interfaces and deliver the results within a day without developers involvement.

Personalize Customer Interactions

Each customer has its preferences, interests and patterns. Based on CatWing AI we are able to segment them based on their behavior and create various personas. They can be targeted via different channels. 

With CDPs, the possible personalized experiences you can craft for your customers are endless.

Having a Single View of Your Customers

Single Customer View is the main ingredient for leveraging the customer experience. Achieved by monitoring all customer interaction in one place and being able to go deeper by applying Data Science and Machine Learning.

Giving data and environment to model your data

An online interface (Jupyter notebook) to access your data and build various models, make deep dive analysis, segmentations and clustering.

Create Highly-Targeted Campaigns

With all of this information at your disposal, a content recommender can support the process of campaign definitions and segment selections. After this you can target the audience via different channels.

This is the first time I’m able to see full details of our customers over various channels like sales, site and email transactions. And then to define the personas and nurture them by various messages over email and social media.

Peter Teodosiev, BG Nauka