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ShopUp intercepts with up to 70% of smartphone customers. The collected data is anonymized and sent to SAP Hana servers, where it is analyzed and clustered

The ShopUp sensors are able to passively interact with your customers and provide you with data on a single customer level through the use and integration of WiFi technology

To obtain more extensive data and improve effectiveness, in-store database can be integrated with the purchase data at your discretion


• Measure traffic inside and outside the store
• Walk-bys
• Visitors bounce rate
• Engaged customers
• Average visit time
• Visitors retention rate
• Employees effectiveness
• Customer profiling
• Campaigns effectiveness and period comparison
• Real-time store data


profile Anonymized customer profiling based on interests, behaviour and purchases

1 Datasets for measuring the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns

store_318-49896 Venue performance analysis

decision1 Improved decision-making process

POS Purchase data can be linked to visitors to provide customer basket analysis

monitor Monitor anonymous visitors passively without mobile apps or loyalty programs

maintenance Easy to install and maintain – pre-configured sensors,SaaS platform powered by SAP