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Catwing – Optimize your products, audiences

and Facebook ads campaigns

Main focus

CatWing suggests the products with the highest potential, creates various bundles, and defines product catalogs with respective audiences, based on their past interest and behavior.

We rely on your site data, purchases, and campaign data to feed our cutting age AI models.

Now, it is so easy and transparent for every eCommerce site to understand your audience and to increases your revenue on ads spent by Catwing.


Define Audiences

Suggest audience based on existing audience behaviour

Products selection

Suggest main products with highest conversion rates with respective audience

Campaigns optimizations

Channels, platforms, devices and schedules assessment 


Anonymized customer profiling based on interests, behaviour and purchases

Custom Visualizations

BI platform with ability to measure effectiveness of the marketing campaigns

Better Decisions

Improved decision-making process based on real data and AI models


Easy to install and maintain SaaS platform

Our AI models


Optimize your advertising from just one platform!