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Customer-centric marketing platform for Bricks and Clicks

ShopUp is an unique marketing platform which combines personalized targeting and campaign automation. In ShopUp we actively combine in-store analytics and online databases to deliver customer centric solutions. We profile your clients and offer you the most effective way to reach to your current and potential customers.

“The product-centric extreme is a “spray-and-pray” campaign targeting everyone with the same message and offer. More sophisticated segment targeting can be customer centric .”

Mark Klein, Founder & CEO, Loyalty Builders

“There are so many new ways to serve customers. Technology, data, and information are opening new doors for us to lead through.”

C. Douglas Mcmillon, CEO, Walmart

“Only marketers who are customer-obsessed and adapt to the customer’s changing behaviours in real time will succeed.”

Shar VanBorkirk,
Analyst, Forrester Research

“Amazing things happen when you listen to the customer.”

Jonathan Mildenhall,
CMO, Airbnb

“If you use standard research methods you will have the same insights as everyone else.”

David Nichols,
Managing Partner,Brandgym



Learn more about your store and customers. 

ShopUp Analytics provides with real-time data about in-store metrics, customer behaviour and paths. This is an easy tool to optimize every store and get an clear view about your customers


Make personalized marketing campaigns. 

Customer profiling enables the possibility to target your customers in the right place at the right time.  Personalization of the marketing campaigns increases their effectiveness  and helps the Bricks and Clicks stores growing.

Core Features

Store Heatmap

The ShopUp sensors allow us to determine the hot spots in your stores

Customer Profiling

Our complex databases allow us to create a profile of your customers

Personalized Targeting

The effective recommendation engine enables personalized targeting

Campaign Metrics

With A/B testing we can precisely measure the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns

Traditional and emerging channels

We use a broad variety of offline and online marketing channels to reach your customers

On-going process

We constantly update our databases and refine our solutions

Our Team

Sergi Sergiev

Business Development

Ivan Ivanov

Product Development

Ivan Nakov

Machine Learning

Boris Petrov

Back-End Development

Elena Kostova


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